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Featured Gen #5- Carnelian Matica

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.09.19 at 05:50
Time for another featured Gen (albeit a little late this week), anyways this time it's...


Carnelian Matica by ~Madmatica

Her design looks to be quite interesting. hair style especially.  ^^

Featured Gen #3- Cesium

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.09.01 at 18:38
Its time for another Gen to be featured...

this time that gen is...


Cesium from ~infractus.

I like her outfit.

Engelbaum: How did you get into it?

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.08.30 at 00:58
Now here is an interesting topic. How did you guys get into Engelbaum? what made it appealing to you when you came across it. and Why do you still like it today.

I'm honestly new into Engelbaum. I got into it, because the idea of making a character that was unique to my personality  was appealing to me. and the story was interesting as can be. and now, I'm a fan for life of this...

tell us your story, what got you into this...^^

New Member Welcome #4

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.08.27 at 22:48
Location: A giant Clock Tower
It's time to welcome another new member, this time luna101 . We hope that you will enjoy your stay here at the Engelbaum LJ community. ^^

This brings the total number of members to: 8

Featured Gen #1- Viridian

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.08.18 at 17:53
Now for the start of a new feature for this community. Every week, a Gen will be featured picked by either one of us. If we both like it, It'll get posted on our community journal. I might as well start this, and the first featured Gen, is...


Viridian, by *Niraven.

take a look see. and comment on what you think, if you want to.

Future gens will be featured here on every tuesday.

New Member welcome #2

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.08.17 at 18:11
Emotion: bouncy

Let us give homefive a nice big welcome to our little community here. we hope you enjoy your stay here. ^^

This brings our total member count to 6

Lets talk Gens II- Xel

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.08.16 at 23:50
Now that ayame_maiden  has introduced her gen, its now time for me to introduce mine. Pixel, or Xel for short.

He is a Gen who's power mainly consists of creating anything in a limited amount of power out of Pixels. his shirt was made out of pixels, and the colors react to his every mood. He can create mostly anything small or whatnot out of pixels, whether it be a block of ice,  a fly,  you name it, he can create it. He lives is in a clock tower His best friend is Apricot. and he has a reason for her being his best friend. a story so crazy, that it's a real shocker.

At one time, Xel created a security guard robot, who was originally dubbed Final Man. this bot who was meant to be a bodyguard to Xel and protector for the rest of Xel's days... but of course, technology should never always be trusted. and well, Xel learned that the hard way. so hard that Xel almost lost his life.

One fateful day,  Final Man, Xel's robot, decided to try and assassinate Xel. and almost succeed in doing so.  but after a long fight and chase. FInal Man led Xel into the amber realm. where he attacked Xel one last time. Xel was badly beaten, almost dead. and Finalman escaped through the Amber realm into another world. Xel, laying down, had no hope of survival, and was laying there to die... or so it seems...

The next day, he was found by Apricot, who saw him lying on the ground, badly injured. found Xel, took him into shelter and helped him recover through what could be considered his ultimate downfall. to this day, Xel is eternally grateful for Apricot's kindness, and helping him through a very tight spot. To this day, Apricot and Xel are best friends, and he is living a much happier life now.

and that my friends, is the story of Xel, my gen.

I better introduce myself.

Posted by mistergambit on 2009.08.13 at 22:41
I am Mistergambit. I'm here as a co-admin of this community, as I also am into the Gens (tough to come up with, but fun as heck to create) keep a look out for more posts by me in the future as well. My gen is known as Xel.

*teleports out*